Custom E-commerce Web Design

Custom E-commerce Web Design

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As a creative agency hellbent on building the most thoughtful, provocative, converting, and effective digital products we know what consumers are looking for, value. 

Value has little to do with the cost of your product but instead, it is about what value it creates for the consumer. 

When we build a custom website we first identify with the client what their value add is. What problem does their product[s] solve and what model they intend to use to attract consumer interest. The consumer has problems they need solved and needs they need fulfilled. They do not have a desire for products but a desire for solutions. 

Every website comes with a one on one consultation about your business trajectory, value add, and growth opportunities so that we can maximize the versatility and usefulness of your e-commerce website. 

Technical bits. 

Our custom Shopify sites are:

  • Fully Standards-compliant code
  • Dynamic content via our custom Liquid layout engine
  • Media assets linked to individual products or your shop as a whole
  • Additionally, we provide options and training for Hubspot CRM integration or Shopify’s built-in CRM.
Detailed inventory tracking
  • Multiple variant options with unique inventory tracking, prices, etc.
  • Keyword tags to aid in customer searching and browsing within your e-commerce shop