Lead Gen Plus Pack

Lead Gen Plus Pack

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If conversion rates are low, despite lots of traffic, chances are, you can blame your landing page for the disconnect.

Lead generation is equal parts art and science, and a critical ingredient in helping you collect leads so that you can convert them to prospects, then customers.

Studies have shown that marketers capture more leads by sending them to dedicated landing pages than directing them to the home page (big mistake, BTW). Beyond the initial capture, lead generation landing pages can help you track prospect data and learn more about your prospect demographics.

With these little tidbits in mind, it’s safe to say that the lead generation landing page plays a huge role in your sales process.

Keep reading to learn more about what works, what doesn’t, and see some examples from real brands.

Landing pages are webpages that users “land” on after clicking on an ad or social media post.
Instead of hoping your visitors chance upon your CTA somewhere deep in your website, a lead generation landing page takes them to a page that invites them to subscribe, buy, or sign up.

What’s important to understand about lead generation landing pages is, there’s a major difference between a purchase or checkout page and one that’s built to collect prospect information.

A lead gen landing page represents the very beginning of the conversion funnel—where customers enter their information in exchange for a resource. This information typically includes things like their name, email, industry, phone number, or company size.

While the information you collect varies by industry and objective, what you collect is used first to figure out whether that lead is qualified, and then used to nurture that prospect closer to closing a sale.